Karen Dove (she, her) Executive Director

Karen’s role as Executive Director is to plan and execute the overall strategic and operational responsibility for ANEW’s staff, programs, expansion and execution of its mission.  Karen comes to ANEW from Montana where she led programs and advocated for policies focused on building economic security for all. Karen is a dedicated servant leader and has a passion for social justice issues. Karen is committed to developing collaborative partnerships resulting in systemic change. Throughout her career, she has utilized her entrepreneurial spirit and skills to create and implement new and innovative programs aimed at moving people toward family wage jobs. Karen is a published author and when not serving her community, she likes to spend time on the beach. She counts her three children as her proudest accomplishments.

Kody Allen (he, him) Executive Assistant

Kody, currently serving as a Pre-Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, specializes in connecting students with essential support services to guarantee their success. He imparts both soft and hard skills through professional development classes, ensuring students thrive in their eventual careers. Originally from Wyoming, Kody boasts a solid foundation in social services. He notably led Joshua’s Storehouse, a 501 c(3) nonprofit food pantry, achieving financial stability for the first time in almost ten years and initiating five beneficial programs for low-income families. Before joining ANEW, Kody played a pivotal role as a case manager for YouthCare’s YouthBuild for the Puget Sound area. This international Pre-Apprenticeship focuses on supporting low-income youth facing significant challenges. At ANEW, Kody is eager to leverage his vast experience and skills to ensure that every student at ANEW leaves with everything they need to be successful in their chosen trade.

Outside of his professional realm, Kody dedicates time to the Seattle LGBTQ Board of Commissioners as a volunteer, delves into the beauty of Seattle alongside his husband, and passionately paints local landscapes.

Megan Pearson (she, her) Director of Strategic Partnerships

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships Megan works closely with apprentices, community organizations, contractors and other non-profit and government programs, supporting and executing communication strategies to raise awareness of our programs and generate new partnerships. Prior to coming to ANEW, Megan comes from the promotional marketing and Fire Alarm services background. She has experience with working closely with clients and service technicians in the fire alarm industry handling service calls, scheduling building inspections and developing service protocols as needed. When she is not working, she has a 23 year old daughter and 19 year old son she loves to spend time with.  She has done the Seattle To Portland bike ride (STP) 5 times, loves to ski with her kids during the winter and the water, sun and fun during the summer!

Kerstin Torrescano (she, her) Director of Finance

Kerstin comes to ANEW as a Seattle born native where she attended the University of Washington and received her BA in social work and then continued on to receive her Master’s degree in social work from the University of Kentucky. Kerstin likes working in non-profit because she has a devoted drive to provide opportunities for her students to learn and create pathways for them to change their lives. Kerstin says, “Celebrating ALL the successes students have, no matter what they are doing in programming, is the best part of my job and inspires me.” Coming from Seattle’s YouthBuild Program she brings experience in innovative program development and best practices for program quality. Kerstin was a local high school and college athlete who now enjoys coaching girls AAU basketball in the local area. In her spare time she likes to read, hike, play basketball, and listen to lots and lots of music!

Dee Jackson (she, her) Director of Programs

Dee has spent the last decade and a half working for the Seattle Public, an Independent School, and nonprofits that partnership with School Districts such as Community Learning Centers and YMCAs. Dee has worked as a Behavioral Specialist and Program Director for various nonprofits and the Public-School District. She was born and raised in Seattle and lived on the East Coast, while being a college athlete, where she earned a degree in Child Psychology. Dee also earned a Child Developments Associates and Extended Education Certificate from the University of Washington. Dee has 14 nieces and nephews with whom she loves to spend time and go on adventures.

Aidan Rosenbam (he, him) Human Resources Manager

Aidan is a Western Washington born and raised individual acting as the Interim Human Resources Manager. He has spent six years in the management space serving Pierce County through a number of different roles. Most recently he was the Taproom Manager and event coordinator for Locust Cider, a family friendly taproom in the heart of Tacoma, on 6th Avenue. Aidan brings his experience in operational management and interpersonal relations to ANEW where he will help the organization grow individually and collectively as a team. Aidan is incredibly passionate about bettering our communities and ensuring that all folks regardless of barriers have all of the resources and support necessary to be successful, pursue happiness and provide for themselves and their loved ones.

In his spare time Aidan enjoys playing indoor lacrosse for the Tacoma Triton, and attending all sorts of concerts and shows. Aidan loves talking to others, making friends, connecting people and building personal and professional relationships!

Roxane Blevens (she, her) ARC Program Manager

Roxane received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and has been with ANEW since 2017. Prior to joining the ANEW team, Roxane worked as the Operations Manager for a men’s clothing store for 7 years. Most recently, she worked in client collections for an IT solutions company because it brought her closer to home. However, she quickly realized that she missed working with such a variety of people every day and found what she missed when she came on board with ANEW. Roxane is married to a union painter and has a son and a daughter, both of whom keep her very busy! In her free time, she enjoys watching the Seahawks, trying new recipes, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Joan McConnell (she, her) Career Development & Retention Specialist

Joan is originally from Texas, having moved to the Seattle area to support her older brother who is an Army Wounded Warrior. She is mom to three adult daughters and enjoys karaoke, modeling, and traveling.

Recently, she attended Villanova University’s School of Business focusing on Human Resources Management.  She has a background in construction having been a Project Manager for a local sandblasting company. Additionally, she assists in mentoring at risk youth in the West Seattle School District with the Seattle Cares Mentoring Movement. She enjoys making an impact in her community and is thoroughly excited to be a part of ANEW!

Thenisia Sullivan (she, they) RISE Up Program Manager

Thenisia is a born and raised Washingtonian, graduating from Mountlake Terrace Highschool in 2011. She’s spent the last 13 years working in the service industry managing restaurants, organizing in her community, and volunteering for several political campaigns. During the COVID-19 pandemic she realized she wanted more for her life and to have a career she was passionate about and would afford her a more comfortable lifestyle. While researching into the construction trades, Thenisia came across ANEW and enrolled in the Trades Rotation Program, graduating in 2022. During her time in the program, they fell in love with the values of ANEW and knew they wanted to work somewhere that shared their passion for learning and community. In her free time, Thenisia enjoys film and participating in the local music scene in Seattle. She’s also a visual artist, plays guitar and bass, and is the proud mother of a Pomeranian-poodle mix named Tangerine.

Shadia Amir (she, her) WG-A Program Manager

Shadia has spent the last few years working in youth development and student success coaching. She has supported diverse groups of students in many different capacities; from tutoring and mentoring 6th graders in English language arts to connecting LGBTQIA+ undergraduate students, faculty, and staff with on-campus resources.

Shadia sees herself as a life-long learner and is passionate about providing support to individuals that have been historically underserved. Outside of work she is a cat mom, a film fanatic, and a music lover.

Kionna Dickinson (she, her) WG-A Program Navigator

Kionna obtained her Master of Social Work degree at the University of Southern California. She is a U.S. Army veteran who was born and raised in Florida. After completing her active-duty obligation, she completed her bachelor’s degree in social work/social welfare at the University of Washington.

She has experience in community outreach, advocacy, and case management. She is interested in macro-level social work with a passion of social change, policy, and advocacy. Kionna enjoys beaches, going on walks, and spending time with family.

Reiley Clark (she, her) WG-A Program Navigator

Born and raised in the PNW, Reiley has spent the past three years working as a contractor sales specialist for a lumber yard in Ellensburg while completing her BA in Communications from Central Washington University. Outside of work, she is an avid traveler, hiker, backpacker, concert goer, and proud cat mom. She hopes to continue learning as well as building personal and professional relationships within the industry.

Nazz Murphy (she, her) Administrative Assistant

I am the first person to meet once you walk through our doors. I look forward to meeting YOU! As an Administrative Assistant with 10 years of experience, Nazz has honed her skills in providing efficient and effective support to executives, managers, and teams. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated an ability to handle a wide range of administrative tasks, such as managing schedules, organizing meetings and events, preparing reports and presentations, and handling correspondence.

Nazz prides herself on her excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which have enabled her to build strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and vendors. Her attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and ability to prioritize competing demands have allowed her to consistently meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Over the years, she gained expertise in a variety of software applications and technology platforms, including Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, project management tools, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. She is also adept at navigating complex administrative systems and processes.

Her dedication to her work and her ability to work independently or as part of a team have earned Nazz a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy administrative professional. She’s always eager to learn new skills and take on new challenges and is committed to continuing to grow and develop as an administrative assistant.

Anthony Martinez (he, him) Finance Assistant

Anthony brings a wealth of experience in customer service,  non-profit endeavors, and education to his role at ANEW. Washington born and raised, he boasts a Bachelor’s degree in business and a Master’s degree in secondary education. While he has transitioned from the field of education, his enthusiasm for contributing to community wellbeing finds a perfect match in his new journey with ANEW.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Anthony maintains an active lifestyle by playing basketball, softball, and venturing in to the great outdoors. As of recently, he’s been dabbling in film photography in his attempt to capture life in its purest form.

Teion Freeman (she, her) Finance Assistant

Teion has a background in customer service and worked in Accounts Payable for five years now. Her passion and love for helping others led her to enroll in the Human Services program at Clover Park Technical College. During this program, she was an intern at the R.I.S.E Center of Tacoma where she utilized her skills in finance to start their housing program. Interning at the R.I.S.E Center was extremely challenging and rewarding. The training she received took her professional skills to another level.

Here at ANEW, her role as the finance assistant is to ensure that all bills for the services that run ANEW are paid in a timely manner. Monitoring credit card transactions made by our staff and creating invoices for all the grants that fund our organization are just a few of the tasks that she is responsible for that help to keep our company running smoothly.

Maya Farias (she, they) Outreach & Recruitment Specialist

As an Outreach Specialist, Maya is often the first point of contact for our students. Coming into this position, Maya brings an abundance of experience in non-profit, social services, community connections and customer service. Her focus is to connect with people in different communities looking for career opportunities. During their time at the University of Washington, Maya decided her calling in life was to provide support for communities that are underrepresented. Her personal philosophy is “everyone deserves a chance” and in her position, she can provide that opportunity.

In their spare time, Maya enjoys reading and learning about Latin American history. She also spends time practicing their musical instruments and trying new foods.

Hailey Von Pinnon (she, her) Outreach & Recruitment Specialist

Hailey’s role at ANEW is an Outreach and Recruitment Specialist. She loves to go out and meet new people and help them learn about our programs. Helping others become more successful and getting them on the right path is her main goal at ANEW.

In her free time, she loves to go to the movies, going to the race track, and spending time with her family.

Shamira S. Vega (she, her) CDL Program Manager

Shamira S. Vega, hails from Dallas, Texas with a 13-year tenure in the Transportation industry. With her extensive experience holding a CDL A license, Shamira has navigated a diverse range of commercial vehicles, honing her expertise along the way. In her previous role, she served as a foreman and driver instructor for the 7th largest construction company in the U.S.  Shamira is proud to bring her knowledge and passion for teaching to ANEW, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping aspiring drivers into consummate professionals.

In Shamira’s leisure time she enjoys creative writing, most anything outdoorsy and adventurous, like kayaking, shooting, and camping. She also has an affinity for domestic arts such as, home DIY projects, and of course, the highest arts of all, cleaning and sleeping.

Zaria Ali (she, her) Pre-Apprenticeship Program Coordinator

As a Pre-Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, Zaria works to connect with and guide students to develop skills which will prepare them for entering the trades. Prior to her role at ANEW, Zaria worked with Year Up Puget Sound as a part of the Enrollment Team. She has experience in recruitment, social media management, and conducting admissions interviews.

Zaria graduated from the University of Washington in 2021 with a Bachelors in Psychology, and hopes to earn her Masters in Social Work soon! Outside of work, Zaria enjoys trying out new recipes, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Douglas Webster (he, him) Pre-Apprenticeship Program Coordinator

Born and raised in Washington State, Douglas has spent the last three years working within a school district in Bonney Lake in roles such as substitute teacher, librarian, and IT. He recently completed his BA in Business Management from Pierce College.

Outside of work, he enjoys activities such as spending time with family and friends, going to concerts, camping, and coaching. In his role as a Pre-Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, he hopes to guide and connect students with skills that will prepare them for entering trades.

Maddie Sta Ines (she, her) Pre-Apprenticeship Program Coordinator

Born and raised in Washington state, Maddie has worked in a multitude of industries over the last few years before finding ANEW. She brings varied experiences from roles in customer service, admin, warehousing, and healthcare. Over time, she narrowed in and found that her true niche was connecting with and understanding people. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2022 with a B.A. in Psychology.

Maddie is particularly passionate about supporting those who have been historically underserved in the community, and seeks to advocate for the education, development, and growth of these individuals. Through her work, she strives to connect people with equitable opportunities to thrive and help them reach their full potential. Outside of work, she loves to eat, and considers herself a huge foodie. She also enjoys weightlifting, going on random adventures, and spending time with her loved ones.

Halley Shriber (she, her) Passport to Careers Apprenticeship Navigator

Halley has spent the past twenty years working alongside communities supporting advancement through collaborative engagement and person-centered care. Her intrigue with how macro-systems affect demographic populations led to a BA in Sociology and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. After spending much of her life in Massachusetts, she felt called to the west coast and set her sights on the lush Pacific Northwest. Her passion with civic engagement through the lens of social equity followed.

She Apprenticed with GROW Whidbey; learning how to support the community by growing food for their food bank and teaching garden education to K-12 students. She quickly fell in love with nature and the food sovereignty movement. As the Community Outreach Coordinator VISTA for Rainier Valley Food Bank, Halley grew her understanding of policies that shaped food systems. She leveraged the Food Bank’s role as a central hub to run programs, share community resources, collaborate with local schools and organizations as well as improve food security. With the community’s input, she created a proposal for RVFB’s first ever Advisory Council. Her advocacy led to her working as a Wraparound Care Coordinator in rural Oregon. She assisted youth and families with navigating multiple service providers through trauma informed care and strengths-based approaches. She is excited to join ANEW and continue to build resilience, expand compassion, and increase opportunities for youth. When not at work, Halley can be found dancing, playing with her four-legged companion, Kaia, hula hooping, cooking, and enjoying nature.

Maurcrei Thibodeaux (she, her) Construction Career Educator

Maurcrei Thibodeaux is excited to be on the Youth Exploration team with ANEW. After formerly educating high school students in the non-profit sector in CTE Business as an International Academy Director, while simultaneously physically training professional athletes and high school teams in her off- season; the global CPT/body builder is always up for a challenge. She started out in Special Education becoming a behavioral therapist where she quickly discovered the need to support underserved and marginalized communities. Crei believes in channeling wellness as a core catalyst to engage everyone she touches in finding their purpose. She does just that in her down time as a consulting firm owner specializing in helping companies create a culture they’re proud of.

Her background in communications, building development investment and inclusion has afforded her the opportunity to currently serve on a number of 501 c(3) Boards. From the Northwest Alliance Girls Organization highlighting sports equity; to being the Chairwoman of Washington State’s first All Black Laborers Coalition BCCAP.

As an investor, Maurcrei is passionate about creating space for anyone excited to excel in any way they believe; including transitional home development to encourage generational wealth. She is always striving to cultivate positive change in the non-profit sector through volunteerism and philanthropic efforts and works tirelessly to devote positive energy to her many projects as a means to make a real impact in the lives of others. You can catch Crei on weekends offering sound and energy modalities to aid in healing, camping and hiking in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Jazz Russell (they, them) Youth Exploration Service Provider

Jazz has spent the last 14 years working with youth Behavior Interventionist / Youth Advocate in Tacoma Public Schools, Kent Public Schools and, Seattle Public Schools. Jazz is excited for the opportunity to widen the pipeline of school to careers pathway.

Jazz values connections with past educators in efforts to help students become knowledgeable about the trades and start a career in the trades. In their free time, Jazz is a Death Doula.

Em Barraza (they, them) Construction Career Educator

Em is originally from Los Angeles, California. There they gained years of experience working with first-generation students and guardians to counsel, mentor, and/or tutor them. After graduating with 6 Associate Degrees and a Bachelors in Sociology, they decided to move out to Washington. Their passion for education here continues, as they have been a Psychiatric Counselor, a Youth Program Coordinator, and now a Construction Career Educator.

Outside of the professional realm, Em enjoys spending time with both their Dobbie and Cockatiel, weight training, creating abstract art, and working on 3D puzzles. Really anything to keep them healthy mentally and physically.

Olivia DeFay (she, her) Youth Exploration Service Provider

Olivia began her professional career in education, teaching 5th grade math and science for 5 years. In 2021, she took a chance on her passion for filmmaking and turned it into a career. She found owning and running her own business to be thrilling and inspiring, but eventually, wanted to preserve filmmaking purely as a creative outlet for herself.

 Olivia is passionate about connecting with others. She finds a lot of joy in getting to know other people, their story, and helping them grow toward their goal. She is excited to work with and show students alternative, post-secondary education options that segway into careers.

A lifelong learner herself, Olivia is excited to expand her knowledge of the various trades. She considers herself a curious individual who loves to learn new and things and put herself outside her comfort zone. She is particularly passionate about continuing to grow in her knowledge of DEI principles, politics, and social justice issues to learn how she can support communities who have historically and systematically been underserved.

In her free time, Olivia loves traveling and filmmaking. She is also an avid bikepacker who is currently training for her first ultra-endurance cycle race. Her goal is to be able to complete the Tour Divide race in the next 5 years.

Veronica Escalante (she, her) Apprenticeship Outreach Navigator

Veronica was born and raised in Arizona and moved to Washington 10 years ago.  Veronica has over 10 years of experience working in the non-profit field. Prior to joining ANEW, Veronica served as a Program Manger for case management and outreach programs and worked with young adults experiencing homelessness. 

 Veronica is excited to join the ANEW team and continue learning and growing in her new role. Outside of work Veronica enjoys going to Mariner games, reading, and spending time with her nephew. 

Ade Valadez (he, him, they) Math Instructor

Prior to joining the team at ANEW, Ade graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication while simultaneously working in customer service.

Eager to expand his knowledge and acquire new skills in the realm of trades, Ade took a pivotal step by becoming a part of the ANEW PACE Program, joining Cohort 38 as a pre-apprentice member. In this immersive program, Ade had the opportunity to engage with a diverse group of peers and he proudly took on the role of the designated math tutor, providing consistent support and guidance to his fellow classmates.

This experience was transformative, as Ade discovered his genuine calling: empowering others through education. Upon successfully completing the ANEW PACE Program, Ade’s remarkable journey came full circle when he was invited to join the ANEW team as the math instructor and he is beyond excited to support future students.

Sydney Bennett (she, her) Pre-Apprenticeship Instructor

Before coming to ANEW, Sydney worked as a residential HVAC service technician for three and a half years. She fell in love with working in the trades and saw the value of her hard work pay off. She was able to build valuable connections with customers in the community and cannot wait to get more Washington residents into the trades.

In her free time she loves to go camping, ride dirt bikes and spend time with her family.

Kerry Brothers (he, him, they) Pre-Apprenticeship Instructor

Kerry has over a decade of experience as a STEM Instructional and Training leader working with adults and students of all ages implementing training programs that build problem-solvers, critical and creative thinkers, and strong team members. In addition to the training leadership role, he spent 10 years as a carpenter in residential construction. Wanting to advance into commercial trades and be a union member, he joined the ANEW PACE Program as a pre-apprentice member of Cohort 28. The training team’s passion for the trades, the students, and the successes of ANEW graduates obtaining careers in the construction trades led Kerry want to be a part of ANEW and the amazing, high-quality training program.

Michelle Layne (she, her) Pre-Apprenticeship Instructor

Michelle is an Indiana-native and proud Navy Veteran. As a member of the Laborers Union Local 242, she has worked 6 years doing intensive laboring skills, as expected. Michelle is a mother of two children and has two grandchildren. She enjoys taking care of her farm animals and spending time with her family in her spare time.

Michelle is ecstatic to be a part of the ANEW program to give her experiences, knowledge and passion as a woman in the construction industry.

Chris ‘CJ’ Cruz (he, his) Pre-Apprenticeship Instructor

CJ was born in Long Beach, CA and raised in Spanaway, WA. He’s been apart of the Laborers Union Local 242 for 7 years. Also has been head coach for tackle football for 8 Years. He has a beautiful wife of 7 years, and 3 wonderful children.  On CJ’s free time he likes to participate in outdoor activities (camping, fishing, lake/river days), traveling, group gatherings, projects around his house, coaching, watching professional sports, and watching his children compete in many sports. CJ is very excited to be part of the ANEW program to give youth and adults the chance and knowledge to be part of the construction world that he was blessed to be apart of.

Mandy Richardson (she, her) Pre-Apprenticeship Instructor

Mandy is a journeywoman carpenter who began her career with a four-year apprenticeship through the Northwest Carpenter’s Institute. She then went on to work in construction for six years before coming to ANEW as an instructor. Now, Mandy teaches pre-apprenticeship students about how to be successful in their trade.  In her free time, Mandy loves spending time with her young daughter and reading. Of her work with ANEW, Mandy says “When you’re on a construction site, the most important accessory is your toolbelt: You need the right tool for the job–and that includes having the right mindset for it. That’s why my goal as an instructor is to give my students the correct tools they need to thrive in this industry mentally and physically.”