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A charitable contribution to ANEW as a sponsor shows your company or training program’s advocacy of training women for construction careers. ANEW is a non-profit agency and our training capacity is limited by our available funding sources. Please consider donating today!

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Other Donations – Physical Goods For Our Training Programs and Clients

We are looking for:

  • New and lightly used construction, work, and regular clothing to add to Rosie’s Closet. Rosie’s Closet has given trainees and apprentices the proper attire for their work environment in the past, and it is through donations that we keep it going. Some things to consider are rain gear, jackets, sweaters, pants, vests, gloves, tool belts, and boots.
  • New and lightly used tools for trainees and apprentices. Sometimes apprentices are required to have a list of things in order to start work and it can cost up to $600 or more that they just don’t have.
  • If you or someone you know can donate the above or have ideas for how you can help, please call 206.381.1384 to find out more.

If you have another way or idea for a way to donate, contact

Rosie's Closet

Supporting Rosie’s Closet by donating to supply our graduates and entry-level construction workers with work clothes, protective gear, and work boots is a powerful way to give back to those who build the foundations of our community. These hardworking individuals face daily challenges and hazards on the job, and providing them with the necessary equipment not only ensures their safety but is also really exciting for someone starting into a new career. Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant difference in their lives, offering them the protection and support they deserve. By donating, you’re not just giving supplies; you’re giving the gift of safety, respect, and acknowledgment for their invaluable contribution to society. Let’s come together to show our appreciation and ensure every construction worker has the resources they need to work safely and confidently.