Welcome to Rosie's Closet

Your guide to one of our key resources for apprentices.


In partnership with Lydig Construction, we recognize that job-site clothing is both expensive and not readily available. We are committed to reducing barriers for women & tradespeople by providing access to gear needed to be safe/comfortable on the job.

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Welcome to Rosie's Closet

In an effort to support apprentices in skilled trades occupations, Washington Women in Trades (WWIT) and ANEW offer a women’s workclothes program, affectionately known as, Rosie’s Closet. 

Rosie’s Closet is a convenient place for anyone interested in donating work
clothing to women who are new to the work
place, starting over or simply in need. 

Donations are made up of lightly used construction related clothing only. That includes jeans, coveralls, long shirts, t-shirts, vests, jackets, hats, boots, rain gear, gloves, tool
belts, hard hats, etc. Rosie’s Closet is located at the ANEW Training Facility in Tukwila.

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Rosie’s Closet also accepts new clothing as well as Amazon purchases & gift cards. 

In an effort to support female apprentices and others who are new to skilled trade occupations, WWIT has created a women’s clothes clearinghouse called “Rosie’s Closet”.

Rosie’s Closet is a place for anyone who is new to the work world, starting over, or just in need to be able to pick out a few things that will help them get that new start. Welcomed donations include: work shirts, jeans, work coats, overalls, hats, rain gear, tool belts Amazon gift cards are accepted as well. These gift cards will be used to purchase items that require specific sizing, such as work jeans and boots.

In Partnership with Lydig Construction

Lydig is proud to help apprentices in our industry by supporting Rosie’s Closet, a resource providing new work gear for disadvantaged apprentices.

Lydig’s partnership with ANEW is a multi-year commitment that increases every year:

Year 1: Stabilize

Year 2: Sustain

Year 3: Grow

A History of Rosie's Closet

Established in 2008, Rosie’s Closet was the brainchild of Washington Women in Trades’ Outreach Coordinator, Alice Lockridge. It was simple. Tradespeople had used clothing, gear and tools to give away. Apprentices and other people entering the trades needed it. WWIT connected them.

In the early years, the drop off, storage and “shopping” location was at an office in South Seattle, but not only did WWIT run out of space, it was hard to keep it adequately staffed. The program got a giant boost when ANEW agreed to host it at their Tukwila location and it’s been a wonderful partnership ever since. Many women and individuals have benefitted from the program.

Rosie's Impact on the Community

Over 8,000 people reached via social media

25+ donors

40+ items of apparel, gear, and accessories

20+ pairs of boots

$450+ cash & gift cards

Over $6,000 raised in cash and donated items