NEW: Commercial Driver's License Program

The CDL Program of ANEW offers students the opportunity to earn a Class A and B Commercial Driver’s License at no cost. Participants receive classroom and actual seat time instruction coupled with ANEW’s unrivaled supportive services that helps students overcome obstacles to landing and keeping high wage employment.

Attend the Virtual Info Session!

Women encouraged to apply!


  • Valid Washington driver's license
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Must be able to obtain a DOT medical card
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
This class is free and open to anyone to apply.

There is a multi-step application process before you can be accepted into the training program.

  • watch the virtual info session video on YouTube
  • fill out the online application
  • receive a link via email and schedule your virtual interview
  • complete the next required steps explained during your interview
  • update ANEW as you complete steps
  • complete the steps and become eligible to be accepted

General Resources

CDL General Knowledge Test

Test what you know so far about the DMV’s Commercial Driver’s Test! This test is for those studying for a Class A CDL. There are 50 questions and you need to answer 40 correctly in order to pass. See where your current knowledge level is now!

Review the CDL Licensing Guide

Obtaining a CDL certification is not the same as obtaining a standard Driver’s license. Read over the Washington State Department of Licensing guidebook to start learning more about what it means to achieve a CDL certification!

Do I need a CDL?

There are many circumstances in which a Commercial Driver’s License is needed. The important question to answer is which type do you need. ANEW’s CDL Training offers curriculum to obtain either a Class A or Class B CDL certification. Which one do you need?

Want to learn a bit more about

Commercial Driving?

Review the Washington State CDL Licensing Guide, and look over these infographics explaining the different CDL Endorsements to know about and the differences between CDL Class Certifications!

Did you know that CDL Class levels work from the top down? If you have a Class A CDL, that means you’re also licensed to drive Class B and C? However, if you have a Class B CDL, you can only drive Class B and C vehicles (in other words, not Class A).