In addition to our amazing pre-apprenticeship programs, we have a department focused on shifting the culture of construction to be a more respectful, inclusive, safe, and equitable working environment. RISE Up 4 Equity provides Advocacy Training to the pre-apprentices and DEI training to Contractors, Public and Private Entities.





RISE Up 4 Equity is a Respectful Workplace Campaign designed to shift the culture of construction to be more inclusive to a diverse workforce.

This campaign is designed to be used by public entities, construction companies, apprenticeship training programs, unions and community-based organizations. To be effective, a Respectful Workplace program must: be inclusive, cover more than just women and race, and show measurable results. Training alone can harm diversity efforts and create more bias against marginalized groups. ANEW provides customized respectful workplace training with a social campaign in an effort to create an inclusive and diverse work site.

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